Guide on How to Value a Domain Name

Value a Domain Name

A domain name can be worth zero to millions of dollars. For instance, sold for 8.5 million thanks to the launching of what came to be a successful social media site, Facebook. Since domains cost so little to renew, the question on everyone’s mind is how some of them eventually sell for such lucrative prices? Well, there is yet to be an accurate method for the calculation and valuation of domain names. There are, however, factors such as the domain’s length, current trends; the language used et cetera that helps in reaching a close enough value.

All in all, your domain’s value will depend on how much a buyer is willing to pay. These following tips will, however, ensure you get compensated as it should.

Ensure You Do Thorough Research on the Recent Domain Name Sales

Selling a domain name is like any other business. Therefore, to gain desired results, you need to be conversant with the current domain market. Do note the domain name extensions are most in demand among buyers. These include .net, .orq, .com etc.

Additionally, compare your domain name to the domain names that sold the highest and lowest by using the factors we mentioned earlier. Use websites tools to find such details. Each of these covers a different angle on domain names.

Value Your Domain Name Using Appraisal Services

Appraisal services such as EstiBot, URL Appraisal, and Website Outlook use SEO content to value your domain name accordingly. This SEO content includes keywords, total sales, link cost, and Alexa rank among others. It’s advisable to use multiple services to determine a domain name value since cost varies in each.

Determine the Most Popular Keywords

As mentioned earlier, generally domain name value depends on the buyer. For that reason, it is advisable to learn about buyers’ preferred keywords during registration. Google Trends, GoogleAdWords Keyword Planner, and Verisign Updates are among websites containing such keyword information.

How Simple Is Your Domain Name

Whether local or international, all buyers will want and pay more for a domain name that is Top-level such as a .com, which will gain a better bid than its other counterparts Moreover, an appealing domain name will be short, correctly spelled, easy to read, and cannot be easily confused for another.


The above are only a fraction of what to consider in valuing domain names but will provide the necessary guidelines for ensuring your domain name is not sold for less its worth. All in all, ensure to base your research on the targeted buyers and industry.